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By Marc-Henri K. Kijner - Broker | Published on October 7, 2016 at 12:00AM
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KSI Realty New York Inc. under the KSI Realty Group is proud to announce its latest Immigration by Investment and Permanent Residency programs in Cyprus, Europe. This is YOUR opportunity to become a E.U. citizen in 90 days. 



Dual citizenship offers an effective tool for international tax planning and provides financial privacy for banking and investment. It improves personal security, enables freedom of movement and allows access to the best healthcare and education opportunities.




·       Mobility

·       Stability and security

·       Healthcare & education

·       Taxation & Succession planning

·       Investment opportunities

·       Enhanced financial freedom


In March 2014, Cyprus changed the legislation that enables foreign investors to become a Cypriot (EU) citizen and obtain a Cypriot passport through naturalization, making it more accessible and affordable than ever. An EU citizen is any person who holds the nationality of an EU country. EU passport holders are entitled to enter, reside, study and work in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway.

Non-Cypriot Investors can acquire Cyprus Citizenship by naturalization by exception on the basis of the Civil Registry Laws 2002-2013.




A collective citizenship application requires the simultaneous deposition of at least 5 applications; the investors and investments are totally independent. Our Immigration partners submits a collective group on a monthly basis and has achieved a 100% approval rate to date.


Cyprus citizenship may be obtained through a secure property investment; the financial criterion is as follows: 2.5 Million investment in residential real estate (the investment can be in a single property or portfolio).



For more details, please visit our dedicated Cyprus Immigration page which highlights both the Citizenship and Permanent Residency Programs. One of our expert Immigration advisors will guide you during a complimentary one on one consultation at anyone of our location around the world, over the phone or by videoconference. Contact us today for your immigration by investment needs. 


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