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By Marc-Henri J. Kijner - Real Estate Broker | Published on October 8, 2018 at 12:00AM
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As we are welcoming the change of season with leaves changing color, KSI Realty New York is pleased to provide you with its 2018 guide to a safe, fun and spooky month in NYC.

Obviously, what would Halloween be without dressing up in the perfect scary costume, having the best home and living décor with lots of pumpkins, the handpicked apple harvest and the best Halloween Parade on the Eastern seaboard?

First and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room: the 80-degree weather we have been getting this October has not really been helping getting our cozy hug of Fall. Rest assured, hot weather or not you can still get into the Fall mood with a hot pumpkin spiced latté at one of our favorite spots in the city. Obviously, your friendly baristas at your local Starbucks Café will certainly offer their latest iteration of this popular seasonal drink but also at one of your author favorite's holes in the wall at 28 Jane Street at Grounded Coffee.


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Nothing beats a good classic Halloween horror movie to get in the mood, lights off and under a blanket. Nowadays, you can no longer run to your neighborhood Blockbuster VHS store but thanks to online services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the plethora of Kodi/Fire Stick apps you can catch up on any classics such as:

- Halloween (1 to 13...not sure which # we are on as of 2018)

- Scary Movie (Wazzzaa!!!)

- The Lake House for the romantic minds

- Chucky the oh not so friendly doll

- Scream from the brilliant Wes Craven - just skip part 2-4 as the original is all you need

- The Witch from the acclaimed Sundance producer Robert Eggers

- Hocus Pocus such a classic with the amazing Bette Midler



Living in the City where space is limited, it is always fun to see the beautiful ornated Brownstones of the Upper West, the Upper East and the West Village with various Halloween and Fall themes. We recommend you to walk along Central Park West from W60th all the way to W110th on the West side, or any streets along Park Avenue on the East Side to catch a few of these wonderful homes. Make sure to snap your best pix and tag us on our Instagram account!

Obviously, the West Village is home to amazing Victorian and English homes with charming examples of wild Halloween décors.



Laslty, no Halloween would be complete without a massive, decadent, fun and eclectic parade such as the Halloween Village Parade. To find out more about the 2018 Halloween Parade that is held on the West Village and along 6th Avenue, you can visit the Village Halloween website.

The 45th edition should be as epic as ever with this year theme being "Love - not Fear". Hundreds of giant puppets with over 40 bands with different type of music from around the world will be accompanied by dancers, artists, and thousands of New Yorkers dressed in their most creative costumes. If you want to participate and march make sure to follow the 6 simple steps. Everyone can join this fun and family oriented event.



To catch your latest real estate news, get a complimentary one-on-one appointment with one of our licensed real estate experts about your selling, buying or renting needs in Manhattan feel free to contact us.

Happy Halloween!!! 

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