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Chelsea is a an important and large neighborhood in Manhattan that starts from 34th Street all the way down to 14th Street on the West side. Often considered the epicenter of an evolving cultural, art, retail and real estate scene – one can find many dinning options, vintage stores, and industrial rehab buildings being transformed into high-end luxury concept spaces. Chelsea is the epitome of the dramatic cultural resurgence that New York witnessed since the early 90’s. Many of the industrial warehouses were used by the garment strong industry from the past decades that used to be located behind Macy’s.


One of the most notable landmarks of Chelsea is the High Line, a former elevated railway that ends in the Meatpacking district where amazing restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful. The Chelsea market is a concentration of what this neighborhood has best to offer with fresh seafood, Asian and Italian eateries, classic New York Bakeries, an artisan Butcher, and many more shops where crafted, made to order and slow food are the norm.


The rich array of art galleries, constant exhibits and retrospectives offers the strongest concentration of street culture in the City. Make sure to check out the Gansevoort Market for a quick Thai dish or some sweet Macaroons. Chelsea has become a destination for New Yorkers and tourist alike. Some notable buildings are the Jean Nouvel 100 Eleventh Avenue with its all-glass façade and the Gansevoort Hotel overlooking the entire area.