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Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, The Empire State Building, Grand Central, Broadway Theaters all share something in common! They are all in the Borough of Manhattan.


Bounded to the West, by the Hudson river which faces New Jersey, and on the East and Harlem rivers facing Queens and Roosevelt Island – this enclave offers as many neighborhoods as there are lifestyles. We are confident that with our attentive team we can assist you in finding the perfect location for your next rental, purchase or commercial endeavor.


Covering approximately 34 square miles and with nearly 2 million inhabitants, Manhattan is the most populous of the 5 boroughs that makes up the city 8.4 Million people.


It is widely considered as the world’s largest financial hub thanks to Wall Street, one of the most vibrant and valuable retail and commercial spaces in the world with the legendary 5th Avenue consistently ranking at the top of all real estate charts. Its numerous museums, cultural centers, and theaters truly makes it the heart of “the Big Apple.”


Its unique architecture, excellent Subway and Bus lines, pedestrian friendly streets confers to Manhattan the title of the most urban city in the World. Its real estate is one of the most marketable, secure and thought after.


We have taken the time to give you our expert thoughts and descriptions of each of the most notable neighborhoods of Manhattan.


Be aware that sub neighborhoods or even blocks of neighborhoods may have specific name given by New Yorkers and long time residents. It is a city that loves its people and will make you feel HOME instantly.


From our entire team at KSI Realty New York we wish you a warm and sincere WELCOME!